First8 staat voor vakmanschap. Al onze collega’s zijn een groot aanhanger van Open Source en in het bijzonder het Java-platform. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het pragmatisch ontwikkelen van bedrijfskritische Java toepassingen waarbij integratie van systemen, hoge eisen aan beveiliging en veel transacties een belangrijke rol spelen. Op deze pagina vind je onze blogs.

Conflict-free replicated data types

By now everybody who has ever worked on a distributed system has heard of the CAP theorem. Simply put, it states that you have to choose between being (C)onsistent or being (A)vailable. The P, standing for Partition tolerant, is not really a choice for a distributed system (e.g. see the number 1 fallacy of distributed programming). So that leaves us in a peculiar state: … Lees verder Conflict-free replicated data types

Grails Design Consideration #2 – Throw In a View Model Once In a While

This is my take on how we could design our particular user interface in such a way that they’re re-usable, testable and the overall software is more maintainable. Yip, using a bit of View Models from the MVVM pattern. Background Recently we started working with two teams on a new Grails application. As part of that I reviewed some code … Lees verder Grails Design Consideration #2 – Throw In a View Model Once In a While

Wall-clock constraints in distributed systems

At a project I am working on we had a discussion on how to implement certain constraints. The project in question is (will be) a heavily distributed system, replacing an old monolithic system. In the original system, there are many constrains like ‘the date for form X cannot be in the future’. These constraints are very difficult to implement in a … Lees verder Wall-clock constraints in distributed systems

Libraries versus services

Services are all the rage. Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices and the like all promise the delivery of true components. Just like the physical industries have been doing for decades, constructing complex systems out of ready-made, standardised pieces. Building a piece of software could then be reduced to picking and choosing the right service providers and crafting a process which consumes these … Lees verder Libraries versus services