First8 staat voor vakmanschap. Al onze collega’s zijn een groot aanhanger van Open Source en in het bijzonder het Java-platform. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het pragmatisch ontwikkelen van bedrijfskritische Java toepassingen waarbij integratie van systemen, hoge eisen aan beveiliging en veel transacties een belangrijke rol spelen. Op deze pagina vind je onze blogs.

Durable Message Driven Beans in WildFly

With Message Driven Beans (MDB’s) your Java application can respond to events send asynchronously. This can go via Queues, which allow your application to process events in parallel, and Topics which can be used to send one event to multiple applications/clients. MDB’s can be annotated to configure which JMS-Topic they should listen to. This is how that can be done:

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Forward compatible messaging

If you have services or domains in your architecture, you probably have them to be able to develop them independently. In most cases, Message Queue’s are used to communicate between these services. But how does this work if one service upgrades the messages it is sending while the consuming services are still on an older version? In this blog post, we’ll … Lees verder Forward compatible messaging

Testing Keycloak integration with Arquillian

In a previous blog post we discussed a bit on how you can integrate Keycloak with JAX-RS. In this blog post we’ll show an example on how to build an integration test to test if your REST endpoint is secured. In this setup, we are using Keycloak 1.4.0 for our identity management, and we deploy our application in Wildfly 9. (Older versions … Lees verder Testing Keycloak integration with Arquillian