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Our kick-off for JavaOne 2015

By 25 oktober 2015januari 30th, 2017No Comments

It has started…

JavaOne, the biggest Java conference in the world, has started. One week with the hottest innovations in the Java landscape. And like always, First8 is where the action is! We (Koen Aben and Kelvin Vroegop) will report to you about our experiences at JavaOne in the coming days. Being Java Engineers for many years we are very excited to be reporting this special conference. Want to hear about the coolest Java innovations? Follow us at JavaOne!

JavaOne offers more than 400 sessions for 6000 attendees. To enjoy most of JavaOne, it is crucial to reserve your seats when possible. Each of us did this individually and we compared our sessions. All days combined, we have 4 sessions which overlap, so we agreed to follow them together. Frequently occurring topics this conference are Gradle & Docker; with both having far more than 10 talks about them. We love to introduce the hot trends to you in the next days!

…Celebrate JavaOne with us!

This year the Java platform celebrates 20 years of existence. JavaOne can be followed online very well,  if you want to enjoy the JavaOne celebrations online. Of course you can read live experiences in San Fransisco by using twitter, eg with “#JavaOne”. Moreover, for the first time Oracle offers live streams of many sessions. Also, you can see live coding by Java Guru’s via this url

We look forward to this great conference and our passionate reporting. Next, Koen will start JavaOne with an university session on performance tuning: an entire day on learning tools to analyse and improve performance. For Kelvin, the conference starts with a university session on REST services (the lightweight alternative to web services). And JavaOne is much more! We are also eager to report on the many Java community events, like “the hackergarten”. This is a place where you can have hands on sessions on various Open Source projects; hacking together with experts. There is also a Java cafe at the conference, where we can hangout with Java experts.

Practical info

You can follow our JavaOne reporting via blogs at and via our 2 twitter accounts: @koenusTweets (Koen) and @kvroegop (Kelvin). Be sure to inspect the presentation on slideshare from our colleague Lucas Jellema (CTO from AMIS): he has done some really interesting discoveries on Docker and other virtualization software. Lots of conference materials will be available online soon.

We hope you’ll enjoy JavaOne 2015 online as much as we do!