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First8Friday Editie 1 Grails – Scaffolding a CRUD application

By 19 februari 2015januari 30th, 2017No Comments

Welcome to the First Edition of the First8Friday videoblog, our recurring dose of Open Source inspiration we’d like to share with you the 1st Friday of each month.


GrailsYes, a videoblog – pretty exciting for us since we’ve not yet done this before, but we’re confident it’ll prove an awesome new way of sharing our knowledge with you, together with our regular, written articles on the First8 blog.

The next few episodes will be about Grails, one of the more powerful, full-stack webapplication frameworks today. We’ll start with this episode showing how easy it is to create a CRUD application for managing spaceships using the scaffolding ability of the framework. We’ll see a controller and domain class in action. (Dutch only)

If you’d like to know what we can do for you regarding Groovy or Grails services, please contact us. If you’d like to know when the next edition is online, sign up for the First8Friday newsletter.