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Java 8 is here!

By 19 maart 2014januari 30th, 2017No Comments

Java 8 (SE, FX and ME/Embedded) has been released. This major release brings us the most spectecular changes to the Java language since Java 5. Lambda expressions have been added to support the concept of closures. A new Stream API will change the way we work with collections in a way we can make use of the many core computers have these days. The new lightning fast Javascript engine called Nashorn replaces Rhino adds better interoperability support for combining Java and Javascript. Another update, we all have long been waiting for, is the addition of a new DateTime API, inspired on the widely popular Joda Time library. Java 8 also brings us JavaFX 8 support as a replacement for Swing. JavaFX 8 adds better support for working with audio, video and adds 3D capabilities.

First8 and Amis teamed up to organize an introduction session on the day of the release. In this almost three hours long session all major new features of Java 8 were introduced. A lot of questions were answered about Lambda expressions, the new Stream API, the new DateTime API and JavaFX 8. The slides of the session can be found here (First8 part of the session) and here (Amis part of the session).

Read about the launch event on the Amis technology blog.

To start using all the new features of Java 8 you need to download the Java 8 JDK which can be found here.