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4th annual GOTO Amsterdam Conference coming up

In a week I will be attending the 4th annual GOTO Amsterdam conference and I am really looking forward to it.

goto-conference-logo For those who don’t know what this conference is about: the GOTO conferences originated in the 90’s and target software developers, product owners, architects and other IT-minded folks. Nowadays they’re held all over the world: Chicago, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Berlin. Next to these multi-day conferences, also smaller, free evening community events are organized: GOTO Nights.

GOTO Amsterdam has a line up of a few dozen speakers, which over the course of 3 days present and teach over 50 presentations. These are divided over 10 tracks, such as Internet of Things, JVM, The Future of Agile and Usability & Visibility.

The first day (Wednesday) is a Training Day in which I hope to see Dan North in action during the Accelerated Agile: from Months to Minutes Workshop. Not only I’d like to challenge the received wisdom of established Agile methods, but just being able to hear some insights from this UK troublemaker – his words – will be making this session well worth it.

Some other topics of interested will be:

  • Adopting Continuous Delivery: Adjusting your Architecture by Rachel Laycock
  • Sonic Pi – Teaching Kids with Music Programming by Sam Aaron
  • Teaching & Learning with Lego (Toys) by Julia Dellnitz and Jan Gentsch
  • From 2½ Days to 2½ Seconds – the Birth of DevOps by Dan North

It’s always difficult to make to choose between all these interesting topics, especially when time slots conflict, but I tend to try and keep a balance between expanding my vision into adjacent area’s in which I want to get better at, e.g. learning to learn (see the Lego session) and learning to teach (Sonic Pi session) and concrete technical stuff.

Although GOTO is not a Java-oriented conference, like last year’s JavaOne, it’s great to see Juergen Hoeller – with Spring 4 on Java 8 – will be taking care of our beloved platform. 🙂