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Native code interop with JNA

In enterprise situations you will often find a mashup of polyglot systems, many systems and many languages working together. The glue that commonly binds different systems are databases. You can imagine though, that going through the database, using a network connection, is not always always suitable. In many cases a simple local in-process call offers the necessary performance gains. For … Lees verder Native code interop with JNA

Devoxx4Kids Nijmegen groot succes!

Op zaterdag 2 mei ging de tweede Nijmeegse editie van Devoxx4Kids van start. Devoxx4Kids blijkt razend populair te zijn. Binnen de kortste tijd waren alle 40 beschikbare plekken vergeven. Al vroeg stonden de eerste kinderen voor de deur. Na inschrijving kregen ze allemaal een leuk t-shirt als herinnering en een USB stick op naam. De opdrachten konden ze zo opslaan … Lees verder Devoxx4Kids Nijmegen groot succes!

Grails’ JSONObject.NULL More or Less Equal To Null

Since Groovy 1.8 we can check if a Map is equal to another Map if the keys and values are the same. Very convenient in tests for example.

Today I kept staring at a failure, while testing some x and y graph data points returned by a Grails controller, where two Maps were somehow not equal according to Spock, … Lees verder Grails’ JSONObject.NULL More or Less Equal To Null

Horizontal Scaling with Open Shift

In the previous blog post we talked about vertical scaling with Open Shift. This blog posts investigates the next step: horizontal scaling. Horizontal scaling At some point we’ll run out of bigger sizes gear. And separating out chunks of an application to different gears doesn’t always help. To access a separated part of the application (e.g. the database), you most likely need … Lees verder Horizontal Scaling with Open Shift

Vertical Scaling with OpenShift

If you run your application on an OpenShift environment, one of the advantages you will have is that you can scale the environment quite easily. If traffic to your website continues to increase, at some point a single small gear simply won’t cut it anymore. In the next few blog posts I’ll explore the available options you have for scaling out and for upgrading your … Lees verder Vertical Scaling with OpenShift