First8 staat voor vakmanschap. Al onze collega’s zijn een groot aanhanger van Open Source en in het bijzonder het Java-platform. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het pragmatisch ontwikkelen van bedrijfskritische Java toepassingen waarbij integratie van systemen, hoge eisen aan beveiliging en veel transacties een belangrijke rol spelen. Op deze pagina vind je onze blogs.

MySQL query mystery

SQL queries can become quite complicated. Getting them to produce the right results is not always trivial. Especially if verifying if the result is correct is difficult. Last week I encountered a case where at least it was obvious the result was wrong, it simply didn’t give any results. But finding the cause wasn’t that trivial even though the query itself wasn’t … Lees verder MySQL query mystery

First8Friday Editie 2 Grails – Spaceships and constraints

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the First8Friday videoblog, our recurring dose of Open Source inspiration we’d like to share with you the 1st Friday of each month – part of our regular, written articles here on the First8 blog. This episode is again about Grails, one of the more powerful, full-stack webapplication frameworks today. We’ll continue with the spaceships in the scaffolded application … Lees verder First8Friday Editie 2 Grails – Spaceships and constraints

JBoss LDAP Authentication

Every environment needs it, you can hardly get around it: User Management. It is always a challenge and a drag at the same time. How much should be stored? How should passwords be stored? Do we need RBAC? Do we need some SSO and with whom? Do we need a (G)UI for management?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could pass this responsibility on. And we can ! In Enterprise-land there is LDAP.