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Libraries versus services

Services are all the rage. Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices and the like all promise the delivery of true components. Just like the physical industries have been doing for decades, constructing complex systems out of ready-made, standardised pieces. Building a piece of software could then be reduced to picking and choosing the right service providers and crafting a process which consumes these … Lees verder Libraries versus services

Search Engine Optimization and URL based Locales in Spring

When building a public website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role. If you need internationalization (i18n) support on your site as well, Spring’s default handling is not really optimal for SEO. This blog is about how to deal with i18n in Spring in a way optimized for SEO. Spring’s default Spring MVC has native support for internationalization, the feature … Lees verder Search Engine Optimization and URL based Locales in Spring