First8 is gespecialiseerd in het pragmatisch ontwikkelen van bedrijfskritische Java toepassingen waarbij integratie van systemen, hoge eisen aan beveiliging en veel transacties een belangrijke rol spelen. Op deze pagina vindt je onze blogs. Op vind je ons nieuws, de agenda, vacatures en meer.

State of the build

I’ve been using Maven for almost all projects I’ve worked on since the release of version 2.0 in 2005. Its dependency management, release plugin and “convention over configuration” approach were definite improvements compared to Ant and most of the issues I’ve encountered had to do with third-party plugins. Since that time several other build tools have come into existence. How … Lees verder State of the build

Getting a new colleague started on your Scrum project

Let me share some experiences when introducing a new colleague to the team and getting him or her quickly integrated. On my current job we’re expanding rapidly with the amount of Scrum teams. Project leads and architects are shoving all kinds of intakes around and it’s not uncommon to have several new software developers or testers start each week. When … Lees verder Getting a new colleague started on your Scrum project